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Season 2 Episode 12

Podcast Day!

This week on Films in Black and White, after weeks of hyping is up the trio dives deep into the #SnyderCut. Bryan provides some context on why we have a SynderCut. Marcus gives us his barbershop summary and his feelings while watching. Then they break down some of key differences between scenes with the Amazons and the Flash. Marcus and Doug debate the power of Superman. Finally, the give a run down of the bad as well some miscellaneous items. 

Season 2 Episode 11

Wild Wild Podcast

What's On Deck?

Season 2

Episode 13

Podcast in Black

On the next episode of Films in Black and White, Marcus, Doug, and Bryan go over the latest movie news coming out of Hollywood. We will also play another round of Catch That Quotable, to determine who has movie quote dominance. 


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his week on Films in Black and White the trio gives you the run down on all the news coming out of Hollywood! Before they get to that they play another round of of Catch That Quotable. On this episode they cover DC's announcement of a Hourman movie, Disney's Monster's at Work, Godzilla v. Kong spoiled by a Funko, Venom 2 being pushed back, Black Widow Being pushed back, and hype surrounding Mortal Kombat. 

Season 2 Episode 10

Podcast: The Undiscovered Listener

This week on Films in Black and White, we welcome friend of the podcast, Stephanie Williams back to talk all things WandaVision. If you don't know Stephanie, you can find her hilarious posts on Twitter, but you can also check out her work in Marvel's Voices Legacy #1 in a very special story about Monica Rambeau. You can also check out her original comic Living Heroes. Stephanie helps the trio do a complete break down of WandaVision. They cover the pacing, the speculation, those mysterious commercials, and even the finale.

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