About Us


Marcus J. Destin(I'm Black)

Marcus J. Destin... and the J stands for whatever the hell he says it does, except jungle gym because he isn't playing around. 

Marcus loves gumbo, writing music, and incorporating the lifestyle of "Never Offended Always Humble" into every area of his life. 

Favorite Comic: Death of Superman

Favorite Movie: Creed

"I like realizing how much I such at Catch that Quotable...I'm a glutton for punishment..."

Doug Wagner(I'm White)


I'm Doug Wagner but you might as well call me the Energizer Bunny because I just won't quit. 

Doug loves his family, working out, and letting his hustle be louder than his mouth. 

Favorite Comic: Avengers v. X-Men

Favorite Movie: The Life Aquatic

"I love being able to share our podcast with others, and making our audience feel like family." 


Bryan Roush(I'm Also White)

I’m Bryan Roush and I’m the guy who watched the original trilogy of Star Wars back to back over 20 times as a kid and then started making his own movies, learning about them, and eventually commenting on them.


When Bryan isn’t talking on the podcast he enjoys rowing, running, lifting, watching critically acclaimed movies and TV, watching trash movies and TV, as well as playing video games, board games, and reading books.


Favorite Comic: Arkham Asylum

Favorite Movie: Star Wars - A New Hope (1977 THX remastered)​


"It brings me so much joy connecting with others about cinematic adventures on the podcast. Art is beautiful in how it can speak to so many with such little moments, and it’s such a joy to do that on this podcast."