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Delicious Pretzel Dogs

Remember back when life was simple? When all you needed was your favorite movie, a portable snack, and some friends or family. This recipe combines the beauty of pretzels with the throwback feel of hot dogs. With the latest episode of Films in Black and White, we've got the friends covered too. Listen to the latest episode, wherever you get your podcasts, while you enjoy this delicious snack.

What You'll Need

8 Frozen Dinner Rolls Defrosted and Risen

8 Hot Dogs

1/4 cup baking soda

1 egg

2 Tablespoons Water

Coarse Salt

Ketchup and Mustard for Dipping

Step 1

Defrost your dinner rolls and let them rise according to package instructions.

Step 2

Roll out the risen dinner rolls into long strips. Strips should be long enough so that they cover an entire hot dog, ideally about 16 inches. Pinch the dough at the end. Repeat till all 8 dogs are covered.

Step 3

Boil 4 cups of water and add the baking soda. Then add two dogs at time and let boil for about 30 seconds or so. Then remove from water and place on a drying rack.

Step 4

In a separate bowl combine the egg and the water to make an egg wash. Spread the egg wash on the dogs.

Step 5

Spring coarse salt on the dogs. Cook in an oven at 450 for 14 mins, or until the dogs are golden brown.

Did you try it? Let us know in the comments what you thought.

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